Maruti Villa Phase-II



After the roaring success of Maruti Villa Ph-II, which has set an excellent standard in quality construction, timely delivery and satisfying customer’s need, Maruti Villa Phase-II presents better features, proving to be even greater.

This is a readily available duplex & simplex housing scheme on the Patia College Road, at C.S pur, Bhubaneswar. Duplex units are having 1815 sq.ft land area , 1489 sq.ft built-up area while the simplex are having – 1600 sq.ft land area & 980 sq.ft built-up area

Maintaining the same high esteem of quality and time bounded delivery, Maruti is at its best at the Phase – II. Located in front of the Phase – I on the road to Patia Railway Station on highland, the planning is absolutely immaculate. It is a Residential complex comprises of around 50 nos. of Duplex and single house.